Woodchop Competition

The Woodchop Competition is a traditional show favorite and runs over the three days of the Show.  It draws large crowds who love to watch the Axe men and be part of all the excitement.  Axe men travel from all over Queensland to compete in this prestigious competition.  This is an event not to be missed while visiting the Show.

Competitors please ensure that you have read the appropriate schedule before you submit your entry.  The schedule contains all categories, rules and guidelines for the


For Woodchop schedule or competition enquiries please contact:

Chief Steward: Malcom Veivers on Phone:  0417 625 250 or
Chief Steward: Leanne Kellet on Phone:  0403 116 434
Email: s_fields@bigpond.net.au

Submission of entries –

email competitions@goldcoastshow.com.au

Show venue –  See website for map and ground information www.goldcoastshow.com.au

Note that the schedule is yet to be released and subject to possible changes and as a result continue to check the website for the schedule and any subsequent updated versions.