Equestrian Competition

The Horse Section of the Gold Coast Show is a highly prestigious national qualifier event that draws both professional and amateur competitors from around the Nation’s East Coast.  Many people travel far and wide to attend this event as they campaign throughout Queensland’s equestrian circuit. With over 400 classes, it is regarded as one of the most valued equestrian events in South East Queensland as competitors gain performance points to qualify to for Royal and National Events.  One of the biggest highlights for patrons is often observing the beautiful, high-quality horses working in the arena and watching the champions sashed with their ribbons.

Competitors please ensure that you have read the appropriate schedule before you submit your entry.  The schedule contains all categories, rules and guidelines for the competition.

Note that the schedule is yet to be released and subject to possible changes and as a result continue to check the website for the schedule and any subsequent updated versions.

For the equestrian schedule or competition enquiries please contact:

Chief Steward: Amanda O’Sullivan
Phone:  0422 053 400
Email: amanda_369@hotmail.com