WOW Factor Performances at The Show

When it comes to Show Entertainment, we have three days jam-packed with amazing acts and spell-binding performances.


Stars of the Sahara Belly Dance Performance

Treating us to an absolutely mesmerising performance, Sheherazade’s Belly Dance Academy and professional troupe, the “Stars of the Sahara”, will captivate you with their love of dance.

Vibrant, fresh, elegant and enchanting, the Stars of the Sahara are unique dancers who perform from the heart, sharing their passion for the majestic art form of belly dance.

Date:             Friday 30th August

Time:            6pm

Location:      Main Stage

Prof. Wallace’s Puppet Theatre

Prof. Wallace’s Puppet Theatre is an interactive variety show that brings together traditional wooden hand puppets, marionettes and modern muppets to create a performance that provides endless laughter and timeless fun for the whole family!


Performance Times:

Friday: 10:30am, 2pm, 3pm, 5pm

Saturday: 10:30am, 11:30am, 1pm, 3:30pm

Sunday: 10am,11:30am, 2pm, 3:30pm

Location: Southern end of Parklands, next to the playground and under the trees


Sometimes referred to as a martial art, sometimes a dance, and sometimes even a game, capoeira is a unique phenomenon which has caught the world’s attention. It is instantly recognisable thanks to the movements of the performers, who seem to move together and then suddenly attack each other, still keeping in time with the rhythm. Despite its rising popularity, the exact origins of the art have been lost due to a scarcity of historical evidence and the secretive nature of its beginnings.

It has been suggested that capoeira was first created during the 16th century by slaves who were taken from West Africa to Brazil by the Portuguese colonists. Prohibited from celebrating their cultural customs and strictly forbidden from practicing any martial arts, capoeira is thought to have emerged as a way to bypass these two imposing laws.

Hidden in the musical and rhythmical elements of the form, violent kicks were disguised as passionate dance movements, and its mix of Afro-Brazilian cultures saved it from being identified as an attempt to preserve any specific tradition. As such, capoeira came to life as a survival tool, not only of self-defense, but also of cultural identity.


Performance Times:

Saturday: 10:50-11am & 1:20-1:30pm 

Sunday: 12:50-1:05pm & 2:30-2:40pm

Location: Main Stage

TAFE Gold Coast Musical Performance

TAFE Gold Coast is proudly represented by Diploma of Music Industry Performance students. Graduating at the end of this year these fine musicians undertake studies in stagecraft, composition and music business. The artists performing have formed bands during their studies and are on the journey to fulfilling their creative career aspirations.

The TAFE Coomera Creative Industries campus provides students with a highly equipped auditorium and rehearsal studios to prepare for performances and record original works. A huge thank you to the Gold Coast Show for providing the opportunity for these students to hone their skills. Enjoy!


Performance Times:

Friday: 3:00pm – 3:30pm

Saturday: 9:10 – 10:10am

Location: Main Stage

Nexus Models Fashion Show

Nexus Models is a Gold Coast based Children’s Modelling Academy. With a focus on creating an interactive and fun learning environment, Nexus Models build confidence and a positive self-image in their young models.

More like a family then a business, Nexus Models work together with their models and their families to ensure they provide the very best opportunities, offering comprehensive catwalk training and collaborating with local businesses, events and professionals to give their students the very best access to industry experience.

Models dressed by Myer Children’s Wear Pacific Fair.

Fashion Show Times:

Friday 30th August: 1:30pm and 4:05pm

Saturday 31st August: 12:45pm and 3:15pm

Sunday 1st September: 12:45pm and 3:15pm

Location: Circus Tent (northern zone)

Gold Coast Salsa

Gold Coast Salsa is a Southport based dance studio and will be performing some of their hottest moves at this year’s Show!

More than just teaching dance, Gold Coast Salsa creates a community where people can find new friendships and even partners. They offer a range of easy-to-follow and fun classes, including salsa, bachata, zouk and cha cha and have social dancing after each class and on Friday in Surfers Paradise.


Performance Times:

Saturday: 11:40am – 12pm

Location: Main Stage

The Warsong LARP

The Warsong LARP is a role-playing game that takes D n D off the table and onto the battlefield. This will be one very exciting, nail-biting performance!


Performance Times: TBA

Location: TBA