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In the meantime…

Congratulations to the 2019 HomeCraft Prize Winners

Prize Winners No Prize Monies No Prize Monies
1st 2nd 3rd H/C
   1   Wedding Cake Coral Hilton Michelle Dalton Michelle Dalton
3   Creative Iced Cake Emerald Stewart Michelle Dalton .
5   Item of Sugar Floral Art Michelle Dalton Christina Chitra Michelle Dalton
6   Item of Sugar Art Novelty Emerald Stewart Yvonne Brown Michelle Dalton
10 Dark Rich Fruit Cake Evelyn Singh Aileen Sinclair
11   Boiled Fruit Cake Judy Heaton Rosalie Smith Evelyn Singh
12   Nut and Fruit Loaf Evelyn Singh
13   Sponge Sandwich Evelyn Singh
14   Plain Scones Katrina Bourne Evelyn Singh
15   Fruit Scones Judy Heaton
16   Marble Cake Judy Heaton
17   Anzac Biscuits Judy Heaton Ann Thomsen Evelyn Singh
18   Macaroons Evelyn Singh Judy Heaton
19   Jam Tarts Evelyn Singh Judy Heaton
20   Brownies Jason Lodge Judy Heaton Evelyn Singh
21   Cornflake Biscuits Gloria Standfield Judy Heaton
23 Men- Plain Scones Jason Lodge David Dinsdale
24 Men – Savoury Scones David Dinsdale Jason Lodge
25 Men – Date Loaf Jason Lodge David Dinsdale
26  Men – Boiled Fruit cake David Dinsdale Jason Lodge
27   Strawberry Jam Evelyn Singh Elizabeth McDonald Judy Heaton
28   Rosella Jam Evelyn Singh Judy Heaton
29   Savoury Herb Jelly Evelyn Singh
30   Lemon/Lime Butter Evelyn Singh
31   Any Fruit Jelly Evelyn Singh Judy Heaton
32   Household Marmalade Evelyn Singh Judy Heaton Kristin Reuter
33   Exhibition Marmalade Evelyn Singh Judy Heaton
34   Three Fruits Marmalade Evelyn Singh Kristin Reuter Judy Heaton
35   Tomato Relish Kay Gunnarsson Judy Heaton Evelyn Singh
36   Fruit Chutney Judy Heaton Evelyn Singh
37   Vegetable Chutney Judy Heaton Kay Gunnarsson Evelyn Singh
40   Savoury Sauce Evelyn Singh Evelyn Singh
41   Fudge Judy Heaton
42   Marshmallows Evelyn Singh Judy Heaton
43    Coconut ice Evelyn Singh
100   Dark Honey Alan Betts Tony Barr Tony Barr
101   Light Honey Alan Betts Tony Barr Jose Carlos Rafael
102   Golden Honey Jason Roebig Alan Betts Tony Barr
103   Honey with Comb Jose Carlos Rafael Alan Betts Jason Roebig
104   Creamed Honey Jason Roebig Natasha Roebig Alan Betts
105   Granulated Honey (Fine Grain) Alan Betts Jose Carlos Rafael Tony Barr
106   Granulated Honey (Course Grain) Alan Betts Jose Carlos Rafael Jason Roebig
107   Frame of Combed Honey Alan Betts Tony Barr Tony Barr
108   Block of Bees Wax Alan Betts Jose Carlos Rafael Natasha Roebig
109   Decorative Bees Wax Alan Betts Tony Barr
110   Novice – Dark Honey Nicole Hintz
111   Novice – Light Honey Nicole Hintz John Ivory
112   Novice – Golden Honey Liz Armstrong Nicole Hintz Daniel Walters
114   Novice – Creamed Honey Stephen Walters Daniel Walters
115   Novice – Granulated Honey (Fine Grain) Liz Armstrong
116   Novice – Granulated Honey (Course Grain)
117   Novice – Frame of Combed Honey
119   Novice – Decorative Bees Wax Judy Heaton
150   Natives Judy Heaton Judy Heaton Judy Heaton Judy Heaton
154  Non natives Judy Heaton Rosalie Smith Judy Heaton Rosalie Smith
159   Foliage Rosalie Smith Judy Heaton Judy Heaton Rosalie Smith
161  Citrus Alan Betts Judy Heaton Judy Heaton Alan Betts
165  Passionfruit Wendy Bisset
166   Vegetables Judy Heaton Rosalie Smith Rosalie Smith Judy Heaton
172   Single Cactus Judy Heaton Rosalie Smith
173   Single Succulent Gavin Braden Katherin Watt Judy Heaton Rosalie Smith
174   African Violet Judy Heaton
175   Bromeliad – in flower Nicole Hintz Rosalie Smith
176   Herb Garden Evelyn Singh
177   Cacti Garden – Katherine Watt Katherine Watt Judy Heaton
178  Hanging pot/basket Evelyn Singh Judy Heaton
179   Succulent Garden – hanging pot/basket Judy Heaton Katherine  Watt
210   Crocheted Centre or Runner    20-40 Cotton Angela Turner
211   Crocheted Accessory Joy Fenton Alysha Bishop Aileen Sinclair
212   Crocheted  Article of Baby Wear Liane Kelly Angela Turner Angela Turner
213   Crocheted Baby Shawl or Blanket Liane Kelly Alysha Bishop Liane Kelly
214   Crocheted Item Alysha Bishop
216   Crocheted Lady’s Shawl
218  Crochet – Novice Lynda Middleton Cathie O’Callaghan Liane Kelly Liane Kelly
221   Dimensional Embroidery, Elizabethan, Brazilian, Gold Work or Stumpwork Mary Ellen Wraith
222   Crewel or Surface Embroidery Cathie O’Callaghan
224 Cross stitch Angela Johnston
225   Item incorporating Hand Smocking Pru Lawson Pru Lawson Irene Peel
229   Hand Knitted Socks Wendy Bisset Wendy Bisset
230   Hand Knitted Infants Booties Wendy Bisset Angela Turner Angela Turner Wendy Bisset
231   Hand Knitted Baby or Toddler-wear Judy Heaton Bronwyn Clarke Lynda Middleton Evelyn Singh
233   Hand Knitted Baby’s Shawl Judy Heaton
234 Hand Knitted miniature Angela Johnston Yvonne Gilbert
235   Hand Knitted Small Item Yvonne Gilbert Evelyn Singh Kate Muller
236   Hand Knitted Lady’s Shawl Evelyn Singh
237   Hand Knitted Scarf or Cowl Kate Muller Wendy Bisset Evelyn Singh
238 Hand Knitted Lace edge Evelyn Singh Angela Johnston
239   Hand Knitting – Novice Melissa Heath Mandy Toorenburg Ruth Heath Lynda Middleton
240  Laces Ruth Willmott Ruth Willmott
242   Child’s Outfit Wendy Bisset Lesa Bradshaw Elizabeth McDonald Evelyn Singh
257   Childs PJ Evelyn Singh Lesa Bradshaw Wendy Bisset
258   Novelty Item Wendy Bisset Lesa Bradshaw Evelyn Singh
259   Patchwork Article Evelyn Singh Trixie Clement Lesa Bradshaw
261  Upcycled garment Elizabeth McDonald Evelyn Singh
263   Garment featuring hand smocking Heather Love Heather Love Patricia Nolan Irene Peel
268   Jewellery Bavani Ratnam Jennifer Ritchie Jennifer Ritchie
269   Novelty or Gift in Woodwork Bob Miller Peter Fearnside Bob Miller Warren Humphries
270   Macramé Evelyn Singh Elizabeth McDonald Kerry Singh
271   Millinery Evelyn Singh Katrina Neal Katrina Neal
272 Quilted Wallhanging Evelyn Singh
280   Group Project     “Under the Sea” Blue Care Woodlands Lodge Craft Group Blue Care Labrador
282   Over 70 – Crocheted item Jill Morris Jill Morris
285   Over 80 – Crocheted item Ann Doughty Thelma Walk
286   Over 80 – Hand Knitted item Yvonne Gilbert Wendy Bisset Wendy Bisset
287   Over 80 – Other Craft Item Wendy Bisset Muriel Davidson Wendy Bisset Yvonne Gilbert
288   Over 90 – Any Craft Item Mrs Noel Pearce Edna Spies Vonda Collishaw Heather Casey
200   3D Paper Sculpture May Shackleton Yvonne Gilbert Evelyn Singh
201   2D Card – “Under the Sea” theme Deborah Chambers Deborah Chambers Mary O’Sullivan Rosalie Smith
202   Card – Stamping Deborah Chambers Rosalie Smith Kerry Singh
203   Baby Card – any technique Deborah Chambers Kerry Singh Evelyn Singh May Shackleton + Rosalie Smith
204   Card – parchment craft Evelyn Singh
300   Under the sea Deborah Chambers Bronwyn Huber Elizabeth Hudson Mary O’Sullivan
301   Christmas Bronwyn Huber Elizabeth Hudson
302   Heritage Elizabeth Hudson Denise James
303   Children /babies Deborah Chambers Elizabeth Hudson Elizabeth Hudson Evelyn Singh
304   Holidays Evelyn Singh Mary O’Sullivan Elizabeth Hudson
305   Celebrations /weddings etc Bronwyn Huber Deborah Chambers Elizabeth Hudson
306   Pets Deborah Chambers Elizabeth Hudson Bronwyn Huber Denise James
307   Off the Page Elizabeth Hudson Rosalie Smith Deborah Chambers Evelyn Singh
308   For Professionals – “Under the Sea” Rosalie Smith Val Vitobello Eve Sharp Lorraine Swan
309   For Professionals – any topic Rosalie Smith Eve Sharp Lorraine Swan Val Vitobello
320   Skein of Handspun Natural Wool from Raw Fleece Roger Heath Roger Heath Ruth Heath
321   Skein of hand spun wool fibre Roger Heath Melissa Heath Ruth Heath John Meikle
322   Skein of hand spun mixed fibre Ruth Heath Ruth Heath John Meikle Melissa Heath
323   Skein of handspun, spindle spun fibre Ruth Heath Melissa Heath Melissa Heath Ruth Heath
324   Skein of hand spun fibre by a Novice spinner Roger Heath Roger Heath
326   Handwoven Item in a natural fibre Ruth Heath Ruth Heath John Meikle
327   Felting – any item Mary Ellen Wraith Ruth Heath Melissa Heath John Meikle
328   Item of knitting or crochet in handspun Wendy Bisset
350   Hand Made Rag Doll Wendy Bisset Evelyn Singh Ann Thomsen
351   Soft Toy    Crocheted and/or Knitted Ruth Heath Mrs Noel Pearce Angela Johnston Lynda Middleton
352   Best dressed Doll  “Under the Sea” Judy Heaton
No Prize Monies but school points No Prize Monies
Class 1st 2nd 3rd H/C
407   Caup Cakes Under 12 years Georgia Hart
409   Lunch Box Muffins  x4   Under 12 years Claudia Hart
411   Choc Chip Cookies x 6      Under 12 years Claudia Hart Georgia Hart
433   Article of Hand Embroidery   8 – Under 12 years Charlotte Johnston Phoebe Johnston
446   Decorated Clothing   8 – Under 12 years Charlotte Johnston Phoebe Johnston
451   Scrapbooking Under 16 years Harrison Smith


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